There are 551 Dominicans in minor leagues; 14%

On the seventh of last April, it was a season Big Leagues The number of Dominican-born players on active and passive teams was 99. They were 10.1% of the 975 on the rosters and led the foreign delegation (as they have done since 1978), which this year reached 275 from 21 countries or the same. of 28.2% of the total population.

In the transformed system Small tournamentswhich has had 42 fewer teams since 2021, Quisqueyan’s field is even larger.

The MLB Provided the DL with the templates with which the teams started the campaign Small tournaments Those born in eastern Hispaniola account for 14%. There are 551 spread over the four divisions whose calendar has been in operation since April 8.

The largest group is found at the lowest level (Class A) with 235 distributed in the leagues in Carolina, California, and Florida.

In the next step (Advanced or High-grade A) there are 118 Creoles playing for the Midwest, Northwest, and South Atlantic teams.

In Double A, which includes the Eastern, Southeast, and Texas Leagues, there are 88 Dominicans. While in Triple A, which includes international and Pacific Coast tournaments, there are 110 players from the island.

The United States leads by a large margin of 3,929 players participating in various tournaments. There are 2,660 born in the US, accounting for 67.7%.

Behind the Americans and the Dominicans, the Venezuelans are moored. There are 340 Bolivarians, with a percentage of 8.6%. Next comes Puerto Rico and Cuba (70), Mexico (59), Canada (44), Panama (36), and Colombia (24).

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Next June, three leagues, which are called complex leagues, will start; Arizona, Florida and Dominican Summer League.

In Triple A and Double A the rolls are 28 men, while in Class A it goes up to 30, in the Dominican Republic it goes up to 35 and in Florida and Arizona there is no limit.

This season, the two top-flight leagues have increased their schedule by eight games to 154 and are set to end their regular season at the end of September.


The 2022 campaign has launched an improvement in various payrolls. So the players in Small tournaments But those who appear on the 40-club list earn a minimum salary of $57,200 in the first year and those who stay in that state longer, as in the case of Vidal Brogan in Tampa Bay, move to $114,100.

These thresholds will rise each year until 2026 when they will be $63,600 for new students and $127,100 for those who arrive with more than one course in the 40 list.

players Small tournaments We have seen increases in the weekly minimum wage at every level since this cycle between 38 and 72%. Those in Class A received an increase from $290 to $500; Double A’s value jumped from $350 to $600; Triple-A players increased their salaries from $502 to $700.

Additionally, through this campaign, teams will allocate about $1 million to cover players’ accommodation expenses, a feature being released that has been a demand for a long time, because it was an expense that came from the low salaries these athletes realize.

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Clubs must provide accommodation options that are within a reasonable walking distance of the stadium. Dorms must have one bed per player and there must be no more than two players per dormitory at any level.

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