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Pachuca de Soto, January 01 /News Hidalgo/.- Artificial intelligence (AI) has become essential in everyday life, and as it advances, it is changing the way it interacts with humans.

This increased interaction poses unique challenges and opportunities, which is why the Autonomous State University of Hidalgo (UAEH) has academic staff working and developing projects in which AI plays a relevant role, among them Omar Arturo Domínguez Ramirez, Research Professor at the University of Hidalgo. Information Technology and Systems Research Center of the Institute for Basic Sciences and Engineering (ICBI).

Dominguez Ramírez noted that we are currently witnessing an ongoing industrial revolution, where the displacement of human productive power in the face of the rise of machines is tangible. He said, “We imagined that humans have been partially replaced in some activities, but these activities represent levels of risk that threaten human physical safety and require reducing errors and increasing accuracy.”

Likewise, he said that he considers it important to have items and tools that can be reproduced with robots through intelligent algorithms, to make instant decisions despite conditions or uncertainty, which in turn allows humans to focus on activities that are difficult to achieve. They can be replaced by robots.

Regarding the question of whether one machine can create another machine, he pointed out that it is already a reality and that they are tools through which people help each other to implement intelligent system technologies more quickly. Evidence of this is robots designed to explore space, as well as the depths of the oceans or volcanic areas, activities that are impossible for humans to perform.

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“We must believe that most of the important contributions of intelligent systems are for the benefit of humans; anticipating risk situations, environmental emergencies and health problems among other issues. He noted that artificial intelligence should be useful to enhance the possibility of technological tools with greater benefits for the benefit of humans.

Examples of this development can be observed in various fields, such as the agricultural sector, where these tools are used to detect lesions in edible plants, fruits and infected livestock, and even in medicine, to perform micrometer-precise cuts in eye surgeries.

“AI applied in robotics, physics and mathematics comes with its risks, it all depends on the application you give it.

Our mission as researchers is that all this knowledge and development is used to keep humans safe, keep our species in ideal conditions and help nature; Our mission is to provide help to a world that needs us. He concluded his speech by saying: Understanding the social impact of artificial intelligence and its interaction with humans is vital to ensuring a balanced and beneficial future for all.

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