The women’s basketball chair will become professional in the UK in 2022

While we are in Spain, we wait for the next season to start seeing how the highest national division of women’s football becomes professional, which was already a reality in England several years ago, in the UK, the Women’s League will take the same situation. The chair is basketball. Will be The first championship in the world of this sport and category to take that step, and the first to be adapted in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

It will start in January 2022 and will run through May, With franchises at four universities: Cardiff Metropolitan University, University of Loughborough, University of East London and University of Worcester. The league, as they indicated, would be made up of 60% British players and the rest from other countriesThey hope to boost the growth of chair basketball among local women, but at the same time they are trying to attract the best in the world.

“Being the first group of girls to pave this path, I never thought it would happen,” British international Siobhan Fitzpatrick says in The Guardian. He added: “I feel goose bumps just talking about it,” stressing that this will help them gain vision and appear in a different way. “We will no longer be disabled athletes, but rather athletes, and we will be spoken of in this way, not as people you see every four years.”, In reference to the Paralympics, and the fact that their matches will be broadcast regularly.

Mixed League in Spain

Great Britain in particular is one of the major powers in chair basketball. His men’s team won gold at the 2018 World Cup and European Finals a year later. On the same dates, the women’s team hung two silvers. In Spain, the highest national rating is about to be awarded by Bidaideak Bilbao BSR, In which the Vital Zuzenak Foundation of Vitoria also participates, It is a mixed competitionAs in many other countries, there is a big difference at the level of practitioners between men and women.

At the Tokyo Paralympics, girls of the national team will be present, having not attended since the 92nd Barcelona Olympics.When they competed as host. This time they deserved it with their special benefits, in the last match of the European Women’s League stage in 2019.

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