The Windows 10 taskbar will receive small but helpful news, in exchange for it to get worse for those who don’t pay for Windows 10

Although the system is changing little by little and In some ways, it looks a little like the one Microsoft launched in 2015Microsoft is making big changes to Windows 10 in 2021. The biggest changes that have been made Sun Valley, The version with renewed aesthetics arriving in the second half of the year.

However, and Waiting for Windows 10XThere is also minor news to come that should improve the experience in the small details daily (like everything that has been so appreciated recently in desktop operating systems). According to the calculation Newer WindowsIn a new version of Windows 10 that appeared on the Dev channel, very interesting changes were shown in the Taskbar.

Accessing files will be easier from the taskbar

Newer Windows.

Today, when we right-click on an open application on the taskbar, the system gives us different options. What Microsoft is now preparing for in Windows 10 is expanding these options, and the key is that We can access a file from one of these applications with the option “Open file location”.

Thus, in a direct and meaningful way, We will save using search in the system To access files we have in mind related to an application we usually use.

Another new to the taskbar is that Microsoft plans to remove options from the contextual menu that appears when you right-click on the ribbon. Microsoft is taking some built-in options there so far in ‘Settings’., Which gives more meaning to this later half of the dashboard, but moves away from the user options that can be on hand without diving too much.

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Problem this mean Is that the taskbar options in Settings cannot be accessed if Windows 10 is not activated, So users who use it without activation will have less customization ability when hiding the search bar, for example.

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