The Venezuelan President congratulated the Chinese people on the occasion of the Lunar New Year

“We hope that the spirit of the dragon will bring great success, new energy, strength and prosperity in this cycle that begins for you today,” the president said on the social network X: From the Bolivarian Republic.

The ruler stated in an audio and video clip accompanying the message that there is a cycle that closes and opens a completely new cycle, where everything is born again and invites us to experience the new, change and live.

He pointed out that in 2023 he had the honor of visiting various places in China, on a historic state visit.

Maduro noted that everywhere he visited, he was able to realize that the greatest wealth of “this prosperous nation” lay in defending its ancient identity and culture.

He pointed out that for this reason, the Spring Festival that begins today arouses deep admiration in us, as this is the spiritual strength with which China has overcome all obstacles and is heading towards the destination of superior prosperity.

He emphasized that from Caracas, the cradle of America's liberators, we welcome the legendary dragon who will rule this period of time.

The President expressed that in Venezuela we have the honor of hosting a large Chinese community for many years, which has always shared its beautiful traditions with us.

He stressed that it will always be appropriate to thank the Chinese people for their friendship and solidarity with Venezuela.

“Long live the eternal friendship between China and Venezuela,” Maduro said.


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