The Venezuelan Foreign Minister is scheduled to visit Vietnam this week

He pointed out that this first visit by Gil Pinto constitutes a good opportunity to review and strengthen bilateral cooperation in the political, diplomatic, economic and commercial fields, and in the fields of investment, agriculture, construction, gas and communications.

At the same time, he added, the Venezuelan Foreign Minister will be allowed to discuss with Vietnamese leaders those measures aimed at strengthening the bilateral partnership.

During a visit to Caracas last April, Deputy Prime Minister Tran Le Quang stressed that Vietnam has always considered Venezuela to be one of its traditional friends and important partners in the Latin American region, and expressed his confidence in strengthening bilateral relations in increasingly practical and effective ways.

This will be an important contribution to the development of each country, Le Quang assessed in a meeting with President Nicolas Maduro, who noted that the presence of the Vice-President of the Vietnamese government there opened a new period of cooperation between the two countries.

During the talks, the two parties agreed to accelerate preparations for the upcoming visits of key leaders, organize the fourth session of the intergovernmental committee between the two countries, and deploy political consultation mechanisms between the two foreign ministries on a regular and flexible basis.

They also called for strengthening bilateral economic, trade and investment relations by enhancing the exchange of business delegations and promotional activities.

In recent statements to Prensa Latina, the Venezuelan ambassador here, Juan Carlos Fernandez Juarez, said that Venezuela and Vietnam are moving towards celebrating the thirty-fifth anniversary of diplomatic relations that are characterized by a level of excellence.

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The diplomat noted that although they were established in December 1989, it was not until a decade later, with the arrival of Commander Hugo Chavez to the presidency, that these relations began to deepen.

Hanoi opened its embassy in Caracas in December 2005, and the Venezuelan government reciprocated this gesture in January 2006, and in the same year the late Venezuelan president made a state visit to the Indochina state.

According to Fernandez Juarez, about 60 cooperation documents have already been signed between the two parties, a number that is expected to rise in the short term, especially in areas such as agriculture, education and science.


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