The Venezuelan Army renews its support for the major elections in November – Prensa Latina

The High Command emphasized that it is the state’s responsibility to give the Venezuelan people the opportunity to express themselves at the ballot box and expressed the military’s desire to work in coordination with the National Electoral Council (CNE).

Likewise, he thanked the Electoral College for saving the country’s constitutionality, “ Although we were under heavy attack, we were able to impose democracy to give people the opportunity to practice their political participation and that is why we are satisfied and happy with what we see in the country, state institutions practice democracy. ”

He emphasized that this new electoral process would consolidate the principles of democracy, sovereignty and equality within this South American country.

“I speak as a soldier and know that these operations fill Venezuelans with joy, and I remember that the only authorities that can revolt in Venezuela are through an electoral process that the National Election Board will brilliantly lead,” the minister said.

The day before, the highest electoral body formed the Logistics Committee that will ensure the operational process during the regional and municipal elections on November 21.

The President of the National Electoral Council, Pedro Calzadilla, announced that six months into the process, “the electoral calendar has unleashed an intensified mechanism of activities, initiatives and decisions.”

He explained that this working group had met as early as possible, with the aim of going into details about such difficult elections, and that the aforementioned body would review the entire infrastructure of centers throughout the country to know the situation and devise a plan for recovery. .

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The university president said, “Under the current circumstances, we must double the organizational and planning work for this case. We have difficulties that add to the difficulties of the elections.”

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