The Valencian community needs 2,000 drivers

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The Valencian Federation of Transport and Logistics Entrepreneurs (FVET) ensures that the driver shortage in the UK Not an isolated problem He warns of the need for carriers to merge with Valencia companies, which amounts to Between 1500 and 2000 drivers.
The Valencian Community is the third, after Catalonia and Andalusia, By the largest volume of cargo transported in 2020, With 232,989,400 tons per year with origin or destination in the region, 16% of the national total, according to FVET President, Carlos Prades.
In a recent union survey, 36.1% of professionals report a lack of drivers As one of the main problems that can even affect the viability of the sector.
National studies such as Transport Intelligence or the Spanish Federation of Freight Forwarding appreciate this There is a shortage of more than 15,000 drivers in Spain, between 1500 and 2000 in the Valencian region.
Training cost, for both CAP and professional certification, Long days away from home and the situation in the Strip are some of the barriers to entry into this profession, according to Pradis.

Make permissions more flexible

The Federation is committed to training by making it easier to obtain the drivers licenses needed to carry a truck because, in parallel to defending the profession, It is necessary to integrate the new generations of carriers, “Those that will allow food, supplies and in general any product to reach its destination,” he added.
For this purpose, FVET has promoted new training center, Space available for driving professionals in Valencia. Each year, 800 carriers pass through the Federation’s classrooms and more than 4,500 hours of training are offered.

The crisis caused by the lack of airlines in the United Kingdom in that mailprojects minister, Quasi Quarting, has benefited from military command vehicles with fuel to supply service stations, and 27% of them are still without goods, compared to 60% at the end of last week, according to official data.

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All of the prime minister, Boris JohnsonAs members of his government stressed that the situation at gas stations is “stabilizing”, as in recent days there have been long queues of cars trying to refuel due to fear of running out of petrol. The prime minister is finalizing a plan to integrate ex-truck drivers and solve the fuel crisis, so that the country does not have to turn to immigrants.

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