The US foreign trade deficit fell by 20% through September

WASHINGTON, November 7 (EFE).- The US deficit in its foreign trade in goods and services fell by 20% in the first nine months of the year, to $147.4 billion, the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) reported on Tuesday. in English).

During these nine months, exports increased by 22.7 billion, or 1%, while imports decreased by 4.2%, reaching 124.8 billion.

Data referring exclusively to September indicate that the external trade deficit rose by 4.9% to reach $61.5 billion.

In the ninth month of the year, exports rose by 2.2% to $261.1 billion, while imports rose by 2.7% to $322.7 billion.

The increase in the goods and services deficit in September reflects an increase in the goods deficit from $1.7 billion to $86.3 billion and a decrease in the services surplus from $1.2 billion to $24.8 billion.

In the average of the past three months, a measure economists use to determine trend, the deficit fell 700 million to $61.6 billion.

According to September data, exports of goods rose by 5.3 billion thanks to increased sales abroad of industrial materials and components, which rose by 1.4 billion, as well as food, feed and beverages, which grew by a similar amount. . Services exports, for their part, increased by 300 million.

The $7 billion increase in goods imports was mainly due to a $2 billion rise in consumer goods, while vehicles, parts, and automobile engines increased by $1.9 billion.

By region, September figures show surpluses with South and Central America ($4.8 billion), Netherlands ($3,200), Hong Kong ($2,700), Australia ($1,600), Belgium ($1,200), Singapore ($700), and the United Kingdom ($700), ( 500) and Saudi Arabia (200).

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The deficit was recorded with China ($24.1 billion), the European Union ($16,800), Mexico ($12,200), Vietnam ($9,400), Japan ($6,900), Germany ($6,300), Ireland ($6,200), Canada ($5,900), and Taiwan ($5,000). ). South Korea (4,500), India (3,900), Italy (2,900), Switzerland (2,100), Malaysia (1,900), France (900), Israel (600), and Brazil (300).

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