The US blockade of Venezuela is classified as genocide – Prensa Latina

Today, he affirmed that the blockade imposed by the United States on Venezuela is a crime of genocide established by the International Criminal Court.

The deputy of the opposition Cambiemos Movimiento Ciudadano confirmed, during an interview with a private television station reviewed by Venezuela de Television, that the International Criminal Court recognizes this crime in Article 7 of the Rome Statute.

He indicated that Washington’s coercive and unilateral measures include imposing living conditions, such as denying access to food and medicine, among other things aimed at causing the extermination of the population, and urging the new US government to lift them.

The time has come when the United States must catch up with pending issues like this. And I think that the global trend in particular, within the framework of even this epidemic, suspends any punishment that is an obstacle to solving these problems.

He stressed that the majority of Venezuelans reject the sanctions imposed on the country because it is an issue that worries everyone.

The day before, Executive Vice President Delsey Rodriguez stressed that the measures imposed during the Donald Trump administration had a negative impact on national oil production (the country’s main exportable component) and caused a total income loss of 102.5 billion. Dollars.

In presenting the executive cabinet report and his account before the House of Representatives, the senior official confirmed that the losses amounted to two million and 153 thousand barrels, and that the country is a victim of an economic war unparalleled in history.

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