The UPNA College of Health Sciences will be ready in 2024-25

The State University of Navarre and the Government of Navarra yesterday signed an agreement to construct the new building of the College of Health Sciences, which will be located in the Navarra Hospital Complex building, located in

To develop the project, the government will hand over to UPNA the Construction Project and Optional Work Orientation, drawn from the Ideas Competition that was disbanded last September. The project HLA + E.Jointly developed with Varquitectos Studios and Bryaxis Arquitectos, it was the winner of 35 submissions.

In this way, UPNA will bid and contract the works needed to construct the new building, including the demolition of the existing facilities located on the 15,702 square meter plot of land. In addition, the University Center will tender and contract to purchase the necessary equipment to operate the new building.

Of a total of 34.9 million, 30 million were allocated for building construction, 3.2 million for equipment, 791,000 euros for construction management, 500,000 for a clinical simulation plant, 245,145 for demolition and 164,919 for technical advice.

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