The University of Cádiz is considering not bringing mathematical sciences to Valcarcel if there is not enough funding

valcarcel, The iconic building dating back to the 18th century has been abandoned for decades.The Faculty of Educational Sciences will take over, but not Physical Activity and Sports Sciences if there is not sufficient financial support from the other three departments involved. In restoring this architectural gem, which, if not rehabilitated, will be threatened with ruin. So, The Andalusian Junta, the Cádiz City Council and the Regional Council will have to define once and for all what their economic contribution will be and translate it into a deferred agreement. Too much to move forward with the project.

because The University of Cadiz has a firm intention to move the Faculty of Educational Sciences to Cadiz For the precarious building he now occupies in Puerto Real, But his priority is the urgent renovation of those properties And the rest of the infrastructure measures needed by the four branches of the University of Central Asia It will not be able to use the total or even the majority of the remaining 30 million cWhich has been authorized for use by the Council Only and exclusively in Valcárcel.

Waiting for the other three departments to determine themselves economically, The Andalusian government forced the University of Central Asia to reduce the budget allocated for the rehabilitation of Valcarcel, which already amounts to $50 million. Euros compared to 29 that the Autonomous Administration committed to providing. So one of the options the academic institution is considering is Drejar Physical Activity and Sports Science in Puerto Real In the absence of sufficient financial support to build stadiums and sports facilities in Campo de las Palace required by this degree. Whether it is so or not will be reflected in Infrastructure plan Which the UCA must submit next May, The document in which the Faculty of Educational Sciences of Valcarcel will appear today without a doubt.

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All of the above comes from The meeting held yesterday by the new President of the University of Central Asia with members of the Valcárcel Universitaria platformIt is the first meeting The spokesmen for this group came away happy Which is fighting hard to restore the symbolic building, according to what its coordinator Carlos Gentile told this newspaper.

The Dean of the University of Central Asia has the will to evaluate Valcarcel, but the decision is not his, it depends on three departments. Because U.C Not all of the rest of it can be committed to the projectBecause she City project Carlos Gentil explained to this newspaper that the priority of the academic institution is, logically, to solve the serious problems facing the Faculty of Educational Sciences in Puerto Real and those in the rest of its university branches. “The key and urgency of everything lies in the agreement and in the de facto economic contribution that each of the three administrations will make.The group representative insisted.

In this institutional meeting, which was held at the Presidency of the University of Central Asia, Casemiro Mantel thanked this platform for supporting the rehabilitation and use of this closed historic building by the university For years, at the same time, the comfort of resolving the current situation of the property has been conveyed to them among all institutions because it is a “city project” that requires “patience,” UCA said in a statement. Mantel also expressed concern about the situation in which the Education Sciences headquarters currently finds itself.

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the Valcarcel University delegation It was composed of its coordinator, Carlos Gentile. Conchi Dominguez, president of the La Viña Women of Steel Association; José María Jurado, former Dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences at UCA, and José María Esteban, former Director of the Infrastructure Area at UCA.

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