The United States remains above Mexico in the FIFA rankings

On this October 26, FIFA rankingat any Mexican national team It is even ranked outside the top 10 national teams United State In a better position.

This is no longer surprising, given that the USA has been overtaking the Mexican national team in the FIFA rankings for some time, and remember that they brought us in as “children” in the Tata Martino operation.

Mexican national team Jaime Lozano He recently won the Gold Cup and showed a good face against teams like Ghana and Germany; However, it is still outside the top ten.

in it FIFA rankings for October 2023the tricolor appears in twelfth place, while the United States is one step ahead.

Argentina’s national team tops the FIFA rankings

that it Argentine national teamThe current world champion, who tops the FIFA rankings for October, as she has done in practice since winning the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

While the France national team Appears in second place so as to Brazil In third place. The top five were completed by representatives England and Belgium.

While Portugal, Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Croatia make up the top 10 teams in the FIFA rankings.

Then there is the United States specifically; Mexico, Morocco, Switzerland and Uruguay follow as part of the top 15.

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What’s next for the Mexican national team?

the Mexican national team You will have formal commitments before the end of the year, which may help you move up the ranks. FIFA rankingIt is the same thing that determines World Cup seeds.

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You will face Mexico Honduras Within the framework of the quarter-finals Nations League In FIFA history for the month of November. In addition, they will play a friendly match against the Colombian national team.

The UEFA Nations League match is important for the Mexican national team because it gives a ticket to qualifying for the World Cup Copa America 2024which will be held in the United States, where most of the 2026 World Cup matches will be held in 2026.

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