The United States rejects attempts to restrict the voices of African Americans

A woman casts her early vote in Athens, Georgia, on October 19, 2020. Some believe that a series of electoral reforms promoted by Republicans are aimed at curbing the vote of African Americans and other minorities. Photo: AP.

American civil rights groups today called on the nation’s large corporations to reject efforts by Republican lawmakers in Georgia to enact new restrictions on suffrage in that region.

A bill approved on Monday by the House of Representatives for the aforementioned demarcation, which is controlled by the Red Party, It would restrict access to the polls, enhance the requirements for absentee voting, and limit early voting on Sunday.

As they specified, in this way traditional voter participation programs are reduced in Churches of African Descent.

Organizations, including the Black Voters Matter, the New Georgia Project, and the National Association for the Advancement of People of Color (Naacp) have launched a social media and media campaign calling for Coca-Cola Co and Delta Air Lines Inc, among others, as well as public opinion opposing this. Action.

According to the complaint, the initiative aims to curb the participation of black, democratic voters, who were decisive in the victory of Democrat Joe Biden in the November 3 elections, and two members of the Senate from that political group on the second in Georgia, unheard of in a traditionally republican state.

Cliff Albright, co-founder of Black Voters Matter, a group focused on increasing African-American polling reach, said.

Republicans in Georgia and across the country continue to use former President Donald Trump’s false allegations of voter fraud to support statewide voting changes they say are necessary to restore election integrity.

Trump’s followers in religion opposed the electoral reform bill passed on Wednesday by the Democratic-controlled federal House of Representatives called the People‚Äôs Act, arguing that the legislation did not contain sufficient provisions to combat fraud.

A group of 20 Republican prosecutors said in a letter to congressional leaders that such a proposal “would undermine confidence in our elections and systems of government.”

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The groups ran several full-page ads in local newspapers urging Delta, Coca-Cola, Southern Company, Home Depot, United Parcel Service Inc. and Aflak Inc. to stop donations and support reform of federal voting rights.

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