The United States overtakes Mexico and leads the CONCACAF region in crisis

Despite the woes of CONCACAF teams, the region has generally made progress around the world this summer following FIFA history in June and the Nations League culmination.

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Those who played in the Final Four, the United States, Canada, Mexico and Panama, moved up the latest FIFA rankings, joining Croatia and England at the top.

With problems due to the renewal of the board and the team and the installation of Greg Berhalter as its captain after two successful internships in 2023, “Team USA” jostles the “Top 10” of the elite and declares itself as the leader of the region, beating Mexico in 14th place in the 11th place , which also rose after failing with Diego Coca.

He even has the luxury of facing the Gold Cup with a substitute line-up, rotation and a helmsman who has never played football.

In Central America, only the Red Tide featured in No. 57, fending off waterfalls in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua, a trend only worsening with their bitter performances at the 2023 Gold Cup.

Canada is three places short of making it to 42 of the “Ticos” and the Nicaraguans have paid the consequences of being disqualified at the Gold Cup for improper matching.

That is without counting the toughness of Guatemala and the Caribbean that threaten their aspirations for the 2026 World Cup.

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