The United States authorizes the import of Hass Avocados from Jalisco

Agricultural authorities in United State So import from Hass aguacate Produced in Jalisco for a season crop Which will start in April 2022, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) reported (released).

In a statement, the National Service for Health, Safety and Food Quality (Senasica) and the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) have signed the Operational Action Plan for the Export of Avocados from Mexico to the United States, whose initial scope includes certified orchards in Jalisco, indicated that Sader.

He also pointed out that Secretary of Agriculture and the US Department of Agriculture (US Department of Agriculture) developed the action plan at the request of producers, packet And exporters Avocado who expressed his willingness to participate in the export program and to comply with the terms of the document.

Lassadere noted that in 1997, the Action Plan To export avocados from Michoacan to the United States and after 24 years of work and thanks to the trust that Producers’ work was born, packages, phytosanitary authorities and service providers, where no fruits were detected with pests present, “exports could have been expanded”.

He said that signing this action plan allows Interested producers from Jalisco Starting the implementation of works to be in a position to export during the next season, which begins in April 2022.

“One of the requirements that must be fulfilled is that the areas have the status of a stone pest free zone known as a digger avocado, for him , Cinasica The memo said it expected exports to start in Jalisco and then continue with the state of Mexico and Nayarit, the two main producers of avocados, after Michoacan.

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Agriculture in Mexico explained that garden products Certified in Mexico, produced and packaged under this operational business plan “can be exported to 50 entities in the United States and Puerto Rico.”

No source confirmed that it is currently available talks With Brazil, Malaysia, China, South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Cuba and Chile, and soon with Australia and Thailand, in order to open more markets for the Mexican fruit, they said Mexico exports 1.3 million tons of avocados to 51 countries.

Mexico is the main producer of avocados in the world, the volume of which in 2020 exceeded 2.3 million tons, which means 32 percent of the global production of this fruit.

The main product is Michoacan, with more than 1.8 million tons, followed by Jalisco with 248 thousand tons, then the State of Mexico with more than 118 thousand tons, and Niarit, which produces nearly 70 thousand tons annually.

United State is the main consumer of avocado Mexico, followed by Canada, Japan, Spain, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, Honduras, El Salvador, China, and South Korea, among others.

With information from EFE

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