The United States and Spain are the main sources of remittances arriving in Central African countries | Economy | News

701.5% of these resources come from these countries. Ecuador increased its remittance reception by 12.7% in the last quarter of 2020.

The total remittances sent from the countries of the world to the countries of the Andean Community during the third quarter of 2020 3924 million dollars, which is a number representing an increase of 3.7% Regarding what was recorded in a similar period of 2019, according to Andean Community (CAN).

United State s Spain Countries were the main source of remittances to CAN countries, adding only between them total 2767 million dollars, Which represents 70.5% of reported transfers.

These are the countries that receive the most remittances in Latin America and the Caribbean

As mentioned Secretary General of CANAnd the Jorge Hernando PedrazaAnd the US sent CAN countries transfers by 2038 million dollars and Spain for $729 million.

Chile and Italy followed with transfers of $257 million and $143 million, respectively. Transfers were also reported from the United Kingdom ($81 million), Argentina ($40 million), Mexico ($39 million) and others ($597 million).

Pedraza noted, that in the third quarter of 2020, remittances were received Ecuador And Colombia from the world recorded an increase of 12.7% and 5.4%, respectively, compared to the same numbers for the previous year; Meanwhile, in Bolivia there was a decrease of 5.7%, while the decrease in Peru was 5.4%.

Four provinces account for 74.7% of remittances sent by immigrants

In the case of intra-community transfers, the document states that they amounted to $109.9 million, which is 21.9% less compared to what was achieved in 2019.

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