The United Kingdom unilaterally expands its control over the Falkland Islands

The United Kingdom decided, unilaterally, to extend its dominance over the waters of the Falkland Islands, adding 166,000 square kilometers to its maritime territory.

This movement raised criticism and concerns about… Argentine sovereignty Above the islands.

The UK's official justification is that these new measures will improve maritime protection in the region, but Argentina is not impressed.

Guillermo Carmona, former Argentine secretary for the Malvinas Islands, Antarctica and the South Atlantic, has condemned the measure, stating that it violates international agreements and uses environmental conservation as an excuse to… Geopolitical purposes.

It should be noted that this ruling was reported by Reuno Unidos on February 26 by the Government South Georgia Islands And Southern sandwich.

The official statement indicated that its intention is to “present Big improvements In the field of marine protection in the Southern Ocean.

This means that, with the designated area, approximately 36% of the marine area of ​​the Malvinas Islands will be closed to fishing activity.

However, “another 17,000 square kilometers will be closed to krill fishing through the introduction of additional closed high seas areas,” the SGSSI government statement said.

What does Argentina say about it? Currently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship He stayed silent.

However, the recent meeting between Argentine Foreign Minister Diana Mondino and her British counterpart, David Cameron, has not yet taken place. Not noticed; Despite discussions regarding the Malvinas Islands, tensions appear to remain.

It is important:

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