The United Kingdom revealed that the Wagner Group’s insurrection exacerbated the cracks in Russia’s national security

British intelligence warned that the group of mercenaries had caused severe internal crises in the ranks of the Ministry of Defense.

Fighters of the special mercenary group Wagner. Photo: Reuters

Intelligence services United kingdom He indicated that the mutiny Wagner Group It can lead to an internal crisis in Russia very serious. They raised it Yevgeny Prigozhinmercenary commander, “It has exacerbated rifts in the Russian national security community.”

They also stated that the general had not been seen in public since the uprising Sergey SurovkinCommander of the Russian Air Force and Commander of the Russian Forces in Ukraine. Some media speculated about his possible arrest, but the Kremlin decided to avoid talking about it.

Russian officials who could be participants in the Wagner Group

Information about the arrest Surovkin It cannot be confirmed, but authorities may have been suspicious because of her long-term association with Wagner GroupShe has returned to her service in Syria since 2017,” said a statement issued by the British Ministry of Defense.

Sergey Surovkin.  Photo: Reuters.Sergey Surovkin. Photo: Reuters.

On the other hand, Deputy Defense Minister Yunbek Yevkurov was “absent on July 3 from the televised appearance of the leadership of the Ministry of Defense,” before delving into the fact that The conversation with Prigozhin during the unopposed capture of Rostov was recorded. During the uprising of the Wagner Group.

“Information about Surovkin’s arrest cannot be confirmed, but the authorities are most likely suspicious because of his long-term association with the Wagner Group, which dates back to his service in Syria since 2017.”

In this sense, they asserted from the British organization that “although he is known mainly in the West for his brutal reputation, Surovkin is one of the most respected officers in the Russian army” and added that “Any official sanction against him could be divisive.”

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