The United Kingdom removes Chinese security cameras from its government buildings

The United kingdom Decided to dispense, in its official premises, of Surveillance cameras made in China. The reason is that the British government guarantees the use of these cameras in sensitive places, so that the Chinese authorities can access the data collected by these devices, which is risk for home.

They are present in certain places, such as ministries and government offices, but from now on they will be banned. Chinese government I condemn this decision And from Beijing, they assure that their companies are transparent and that they respect the law.

Security issue

From the UK it was voiced that Chinese companies must comply with National Intelligence ActWhich forces them to work in partnership with the state intelligence services and security cameras China They should be removed as they may leak important information.

This is indicated by the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Oliver Dowden, it’s a statement. “Since security considerations are always of paramount importance in these locations, We are taking steps now to prevent any security risks from occurring.”confirmed.

This decision came shortly after the last UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunakwe recognize that China represents a ‘Systematic challenge’At the G20 meeting held last week in Bali, Indonesia.

However, this is not the first time that the British state has focused on these devices. Last June, the government’s commissioner for video surveillance and biometrics, Fraser Sampsonalready warned that public buildings were erected on a “legal asbestos” basis.

Almost every aspect of our lives is under scrutiny right now. Through advanced systems designed and purchased from companies controlled by other governmentsThen Sampson announced, specifically referring to China’s National Intelligence Law.

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