The United Kingdom relaunchs an agreement to expel migrants to Rwanda – DW – 05/12/2023

Britain and Rwanda signed a new treaty on Tuesday in an attempt to revive it Controversial proposal London to expel immigrants to this African country, three weeks after rejecting a previous project.

The British government is trying to save this symbolic measure of its policy against illegal immigration, after the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom Censorship of the first project In mid-November.

The new agreement was signed by Rwandan Foreign Minister Vincent Biruta and British Home Secretary James Cleverly in Kigali.

“We sought this partnership with the United Kingdom because we believe we have a role to play in this illegal immigration crisis,” Biruta said at a press conference in which Cleverley declared that he felt “great admiration for the Rwandan government.” “It received many critics.”

Security “guarantees” stand out

This new treaty “will respond to the concerns of the Supreme Court by ensuring, in particular, that Rwanda will not expel to another country persons transferred under the Association,” an earlier Home Office statement noted in response. To one of the main concerns of British judges.

The 43-page text is “legally binding” in international law Provides guarantees The British Home Office stated that migrants expelled to Rwanda “cannot be expelled to another country where their life or freedom would be threatened.”

The Deputy Spokesman stated at the press conference that the new agreement includes the establishment of “a joint court with Rwandan and British judges in Kigali to ensure the safety of migrants and that none of the migrants sent to Rwanda will be expelled to their country.” The Rwandan government, Alain Mukuralinda, added: “He will also make sure that the complaints of all migrants are heard.”

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Once signed, the text must be ratified by the British and Rwandan parliaments.

el (AFP, EFI)

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