The United Kingdom records temperatures as low as -10 ° C |

Temperatures will drop to Winter climates In the next few days in the UK. The storm, which has already caused major floods, has caused evacuations in various parts of the country. Without going any further, in Wales, many nursing homes have been evacuated. The rain will be lower today, tomorrow, but the temperatures will drop to very low levels. It will be frost in the UK Throughout the weekend. From UK Confluence OfficeIt was said that even if the heavy rains disappeared, the weather would get colder and winter.

Christoph Storm in the United Kingdom

The new storm came Yellow weather level alert. But now, the rain warning translates into lower temperatures. The last warning issued by the Bureau of Meteorology has warned the British public that there is Slip riskBecause of the ice sheets that will form on the ground. Warning issued for Scotland, northwest England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

In conclusion, in addition to rain, floods and frost, there will also be some areas of the UK Snowfall. a aMarella extra from Snow and ice, Specifically in Northern Scotland Until next week. in addition to, The temperatures will drop Much more than in the rest of the country, as is usual at night in domestic parts of Scotland.

he is Director of the State Agency Department of Meteorology in the United Kingdom Craig Snell He said, “It will feel very cold in general, as I think it will definitely be something that we will all notice. It is expected that it will be cooler at the beginning of next week. The authorities have already warned.” Very careful When walking on wet sidewalks and especially when driving on the road.

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