The United Kingdom postpones a treaty with the European Union on Gibraltar without a date

Government United kingdom On Wednesday, it renewed its commitment to the prospect of signing a international treaty that regulates relationships Tarek mountain with the European Union After brexit while still fails to respond to The proposal that the European Commission left on the table to start making a draft.

Although the lack of progress that distinguishes talks In recent months, which raises even fears of a rupture, the Secretary of State, James CleverlyHe stated that “the agreement will be in the interests of the United Kingdom, Gibraltar and Spain”.

He said this during his appearance on board of the Public Before the European Audit Committee visited Tarek mountain In July, he made it clear that government officials are just as focused on successfully completing negotiations as they are on preparing for a no-deal.

This would lead to the executive branch Rishi Sunak To adopt measures that guarantee Economic flexibility For Gibraltar, the continuity of their arrival supplies And that People flow Through the border crossing with La Línea be “as soon as possible.”

When the talks between the delegation of th European Commission – With Spain as a core part – and Britain – into which the rock is incorporated – seem to have stagnated, Cleverly has maintained that Minister of Foreign Affairs He says there are “a relatively small number of outstanding issues remaining in treaty negotiations regarding Gibraltar’s future relationship with Spain and the European Union”. It did not specify that those few sections that remain closed are the most important and most controversial in the case The military role of the rock And the way in which the entry and exit of people will be controlled Schengen area In the event that The portal disappearsAs was the intention on New Year’s Eve 2020.

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Independent deputy Margaret Ferrer He asked whether the United Kingdom would provide financial support to Gibraltar in the event of no agreement being reached. But the foreign minister did not make a clear statement. cleverly He said he didn’t want to go into detail about what could be in the project because his government didn’t know what a government was. Tarek mountain In the absence of agreement. There he stressed that most of the effort lay in resolving all the problems of the negotiations and insisting that he had a “very, very close relationship” with Government Gibraltar as a whole and in the presence of the majority of his ministers.

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