The United Kingdom is the country in Europe that has received the least number of Ukrainians

The UK is the 28th European country that has taken in fewer Ukrainian refugees per capita. Seven million people have fled Ukraine since the Russian invasion on February 24, according to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The Home Office reported that the number of Ukrainians who had arrived in the UK as of May 29 was 65,700.

European country numbers

Until May 29, the United Kingdom hosted 10 Ukrainians per 10,000 inhabitants. In contrast, it was Germany, whose population is similar to that of Great Britain 720,000 (equivalent to 87 per 100,000 inhabitants). France is the only European country with a lower figure than the United Kingdom, with just over that 57,500 arrivals Until May 25 (equivalent to 9 refugees per 10,000 inhabitants).

Some smaller countries, such as Austria, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria, have taken in much more refugees than the UK, according to their governments.

Unsurprisingly, countries bordering Ukraine received more. UNHCR data show that a total of 5 million refugees entered Poland, Romania and Hungary. Poland is the European country that has received the most Ukrainian refugees: 957 per 10,000 inhabitants.

Entering the UK: a complex task

According to a report from observerapplicants to go as refugees to the UK must apply for a visa before traveling. This has been criticized for the delay caused and suffered by many applicants, which is why many Ukrainian families decided to withdraw their applications.

according to Guardian reportsUK government visa schemes for Ukraine are: One for Ukrainians with family In the UK, another based on Care. As of May 30, they have received 144,000 requests and chest 120 thousand entry visas. However, just over half of that number – 65,700 refugees – had arrived in the UK as of May 29. These numbers represent the number of Ukrainian refugees arriving in the country. When not available, the number of people registered as refugees is counted.

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