The United Kingdom is close to losing a geopolitically important archipelago

The picturesque islands lie to the north and have applied to discuss whether they can have special status as an overseas territory.

North Orkney Islands. Photo: ByeByCar

the North Orkney Islands they An archipelago of 70 islands Only 20 of them are inhabited. Akbar which holds the position of capital Kirkwall, which has a population of only 9,000 people. They are part of one of 32 municipalities in Scotland (One of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom).

These islanders will, on Tuesday next week, put forward a motion to discuss whether they can get Special status as an overseas territory of the United Kingdom Like the Malvinas Islands or Gibraltar.

This archipelago belongs to Norway Until about 500 years ago when it was annexed by Scotland in 1472, although it continued to maintain an important link with the Scandinavian country on a cultural level. President of the council that governs the archipelago, James Stockan, opening up the possibility that these islands could once again be under the control of Norway, As a last example.

North Orkney Islands.  Photo: @gmridiomasNorth Orkney Islands, Skara Brae. Photo: @gmridiomas

Stockan said, in statements to the BBC in London, that the islands have been suffering for some time Financial controlby Scotland and the United Kingdom, which compels them to strive “alternative methods”.

What do you visit on these islands?

Throughout the 22 inhabited islands there are many more Tourist sites Which are worth a visit, including:

  • The famous tomb at Queen’s Hill Cairn.
  • Brodgar ring.
  • Dream cliffs.
  • Birsay Bay and its lighthouse.
  • Siromes Village.
  • The capital is Kirkwall.
  • Churchill barriers and Scapa Flow
  • Sand’so’Wright golden beach
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