The United Kingdom expels asylum seekers to Rwanda – DW – 05/01/2024

United kingdom Sending a migrant to Rwanda for the first time, as part of a volunteer program for people who… He refuses asylumAccording to British media reported this Tuesday (04/30/2024).

On April 23, the British Parliament approved a law Allows the expulsion of Rwanda to immigrants who arrived irregularly in their lands.

Rishi Sunak's Conservative government said it planned to begin expulsions before July 2024, but on April 29 a man agreed to leave the UK to be expelled to Rwanda after his asylum application was rejected at the end of 2023.

The local press reported that the man, who was presumed to be from an African country, traveled on a commercial flight. He agreed to be deported to Rwanda and receive up to £3,000 in return. [unos 3.700 dólares]According to what the newspaper quoted government sources the sun. Contact through the agency France Press agencyThe Ministry of Interior did not confirm this information.

A government spokesperson said: “From now on, we are in a position to send asylum seekers to Rwanda as part of our partnership for migration and economic development.” He added: “This agreement allows people who do not have immigration status in the United Kingdom to move to a safe third country where they will be helped to rebuild their lives.”

The British government indicated on April 23 that it hopes to deport a specific group of 5,700 asylum seekers to Rwanda “by the end of the year,” after the adoption of its controversial law aimed at stopping the arrival of illegal migrants across the Channel disgraced it.

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As for (Agence France-Presse, Reuters, BBC)

Sending refugees to Rwanda

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