The United Kingdom denied Miley and denied that the issue of sovereignty of the Malvinas Islands was on the “agenda.”

Javier Miley David Cameron, the British Chancellor, held a short meeting in Davos, before the Argentine President's speech on Wednesday. The meeting discussed issues of increasing investment and trade, and as both parties agreed, the meeting was “warm and friendly.”

“We talked about deepening trade relations and put the Malvinas Islands on the agenda,” Miley said. Moreover, as reported in the official channels of Casa Rosada, the President assured that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would provide “solutions on this issue.” However, this sparked disagreements after the meeting.

In an interview with TN, the British Foreign Office agreed that it was a good meeting, but differed from the position stated by Miley.

They expressed from London that “the United Kingdom's position and continued support for the right of the people of the Falkland Islands to self-determination has not changed.” This means that the United Kingdom is not willing to put this issue on the agenda, because for the British it does not need a “solution.” This is due to the 2013 self-determination referendum in which over 99% of the island's population voted to remain under London's protection.

Argentina does not consider this referendum legal, and therefore supports its claim to sovereignty. The Argentine government relies on various United Nations resolutions that consider the Malvinas case a “controversy” and urge dialogue.

The aim of Miley's meeting with Cameron was to channelize the bilateral relationship, which had lost strength during the Alberto Fernández government.

From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, headed by Diana Mondino, they published a statement with a much more moderate position compared to Miley’s statements.

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President Javier Miley at the Davos Global Forum 2023.

“Regarding the Malvinas issue, the two parties reaffirmed their positions and committed to working on an agenda based on trust and cooperation,” they said briefly from San Martín Palace.

British speakers sought to make clear that the tone of the conversation was similar to that expressed by the Argentine Foreign Ministry. “So they agreed not to disagree” (from the pun). “agree to disagree” In English), they expressed it from London.

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