The United Kingdom confirms that Russia seeks to settle an “administrative elite” in the occupied Ukrainian territories

Madrid, March 28 (European Press) –

Russia has expanded its “initiatives” to create an “administrative elite” in Ukrainian territories it occupied during the invasion, due to a lack of qualified personnel to carry out government tasks, Britain's Ministry of Defense intelligence services reported on Thursday. .

The British authorities said that the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration launched a study plan on “State and Municipal Administration” as a preliminary step to work in public administration, including in Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia.

“The establishment of this master’s degree was likely intended in part to overcome the shortage of individuals willing and qualified to perform Russian government functions in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine,” the British intelligence report said.

He stresses that this initiative is in line with Russian President Vladimir Putin's statements about creating a new administrative elite, as he said, for example, during his State of the Nation address last month.

“This is further evidence of the Russification measures and harmonization of the legal and political frameworks of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine with Russia,” the UK said.

Likewise, it listed other similar measures that have been implemented so far in these regions, such as expanding the Russian judicial system, imposing Russian educational curricula, issuing Russian passports, and building Russian communications infrastructure.

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