The United Kingdom and Gibraltar refused Spain’s participation in controlling the rock

On Monday, the United Kingdom and Gibraltar rejected again the participation of Spanish officials in the “implementation of front-line controls of the external Schengen borders” in the territory of Gibraltar and the call for Ensuring a “smooth and open trading of people and goods” Between Gibraltar and the European Union.

This was reflected in a joint statement issued after the meeting held on the rock by the British Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, and the Prime Minister of Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo, to Addressing negotiations with the European Union.

The statement affirms that the goal is “to ensure the future prosperity of Gibraltar and the surrounding area.”

The statement emphasized that the goal is to “ensure the future prosperity of Gibraltar and the surrounding region,” and that this will be achieved “through a treaty that brings confidence, legal security and stability to the lives of the residents of Gibraltar and neighboring communities and their economic activities, without prejudice to legal positions on sovereignty and jurisdiction. Smooth and Open to people and goods between Gibraltar and the European Union. “

The representatives of the United Kingdom and Gibraltar pledge to “work constructively and urgently with the aim of concluding a treaty in the coming months” and insist that “the British identity of Gibraltar, and The sovereignty of the United Kingdom must be preserved. “

Spain begins a period of transition with Gibraltar with an ambition to demolish the gate

Isabelle Morello Nacho Alarcon

They indicated that the framework agreed upon with Spain on December 31.It is a clear basis for a future treaty They stress that it provides “a practical model for achieving a smooth movement of people between Gibraltar and the Schengen Area”.

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They state that a joint operation with the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) may arise during an initial four-year submission period, despite their insistence that “it will not be acceptable to implement front-line controls.” The outer limits of Schengen In the territory of Gibraltar by Spanish officials. ”

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