The United Kingdom and Canada imposed sanctions on three Burmese generals for the coup


02/18/2021 – 11:05 am

The British Foreign Office announced in a statement that the United Kingdom and Canada would punish three Burmese generals for “serious human rights violations” in the wake of the military coup in early February.

The sanctions target Defense Minister Mia Ton O, Interior Minister Sue Hutut and his deputy Than Hling.

The Foreign Office statement said that their UK assets are prohibited and they will not be able to travel to that country, noting also that measures will be taken to prevent British companies from working with the Burmese military.

In total, the actions affect 19 Burmese characters.

On February 1, the Burmese military ousted the civilian government of Aung San Suu Kyi, whom it accused of committing electoral fraud in the November elections, prompting a wave of demonstrations that were severely suppressed.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said: “With our allies, we will hold the military accountable for its human rights violations and redress for the Burmese people.”

The British Ministries of Foreign and International Trade have also initiated “measures to reduce the risks of military companies [birmanas] It works in the UK to “stop the illicit financial flows associated with it”.

London also promised to put in place “additional guarantees” to prevent British aid to Burma from “indirect support to the army-led government.”

However, after the announcement, the British Burma Campaign Association denounced that the sanctions issued, although constituting a “progress”, were nothing more than a “holiday ban” because “these military leaders have no assets” in the United Kingdom.

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