The UK’s first electric highway for trucks. This is how it works

The first section spans 30 kilometers and allows hybrid and fuel cell trucks to recharge while driving

It will be in 2024 when what will be the first electric motorway in the UK to be used by hybrid, electric or fuel cell trucks will be commissioned.

During this stretch, These vehicles will not emit any kind of polluting gases In addition to being able to spin in 100% electric mode in the case of hybrid trucks, it will allow the battery to be charged.

The idea is that this initial 30-kilometre section is gradually extended to cover a greater distance.

But what are these electric highways?

It is not really new, but more than that, they use a system that has already been used many years ago in the cities and is used even today in trams.

The idea is that in the section that includes the electric highway Cabins and retractable pantographs are fitted to hybrid, electric or fuel cell trucksWhich at the time of arrival in that area is activated and allows the truck to receive electricity.

This electric power will not be enough for the car in question only Don’t waste energy To move at a top speed of 90 km/h but instead It will also recharge the batteries, which is a very useful thing especially for 100% electric trucks.

Behind this project in the UK are important companies such as Continental, Costin, Siemens, which not only want to carry out these tests in the UK, but by 2023 they hope to have more pilot projects in other countries underway.

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Do you think it is a good solution for transporting goods by road?

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