The UK supports the climate agenda: Jonathan Benjamin

During his second day in the entity, the Ambassador of the United Kingdom (UK), Jonathan Benjamin, attended the 3rd official plenary session of Pachuca City Council, where he was presented in recognition as a special guest and Keys to the City.

During the delegation’s visit to Dar Al-Hukm, Benjamin expressed his solidarity on behalf of the British government, for the state of emergency in the Tula region.

“We know that Mexico is a very vulnerable country due to the effects of climate change and that is why we have prioritized the climate agenda in our bilateral relationship; we count on our support.”

In the presence of the Secretary of State for the Government, Simon Vargas, he expressed that relations between the United Kingdom and Hidalgo are “more vibrant than ever” and as in the previous century, the entity chose the technology that was brought in for the mining activity and said that the Omar Fayyad government is doing so from for the technological development of the twenty-first century.

“That is why I would like to congratulate the state administration on the recent opening of the Biotechnology Business Accelerator, which they and UNAM were able to create,” he said.

During his tour of different parts of the entity, the ambassador and his entourage conducted a survey of Lake Tekokumulco, where the British government will have to fund a project to stop the decline of water and at the same time improve the quality of the ecosystem.

Likewise, it was reported that through UK-funded programmes, and with the support of the state government, other measures such as re-conversion of the Tulancingo I antenna for use as a radio telescope have been developed, with the joint work of Oxford University and Mexican research centres; Permaculture projects, as well as important academic exchanges for Hidalgo students, are among other collaborations.

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