The UK says it warned the Houthis before the air strikes

(CNN)– The UK gave the Houthis “repeated warnings” about their actions in the Red Sea before carrying out air strikes in Yemen alongside the US earlier this week, the British Foreign Secretary said on Sunday.

“We have given warning after warning, but the attacks have continued,” David Cameron said on the BBC's Sunday program with Laura Kuenssberg. “We have sent this clear and unambiguous message that we are prepared to follow up on our words and warnings with action.”

The Foreign Minister said that taking military action in response to Houthi attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea is a “last resort” and that the responsibility for escalation lies with the Houthis.

The UK says it warned the Houthis before the air strikes

This photo, released by the UK Ministry of Defence, shows an RAF Typhoon taking off from RAF Akrotiri air base in Cyprus to join the US-led coalition to carry out air strikes against military targets in Yemen on January 12. (Image source: British Ministry of Defence/Reuters)

“Since November 19, we have been subjected to these 26 attacks [a barcos por parte de los hutíes]. There were more of them. They've gotten worse. As you know, inaction is also a policy, and it is an unsuccessful policy.”

“Attacks [de Estados Unidos y el Reino Unido] “It was limited, proportionate, specific and legal, but it was also necessary,” he added.

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