The UK postpones the easing of liquid controls at its airports for a year by the EFE

London, April 4 (.).- The easing of the limit on liquids that travelers can carry in hand luggage at security checkpoints at British airports has been postponed for a year, the UK government said on Thursday.

The new technology, which allows you to know the type of liquid in the handbag and expand its limit, was scheduled to enter into force in the United Kingdom on June 1.

However, authorities announced on Thursday that an extension had been granted to several airports in the country that were unable to meet the deadline for installing the machines.

The new scanners produce more detailed images, meaning travelers may be allowed to pass through airport security with containers containing up to two liters of liquids in their carry-on baggage.

As for airports where the technology is not yet available, the limit of 100 milliliters will be maintained and their containers must be placed, as is the case until now, in transparent plastic bags.

The new scanners also eliminate the need to remove laptops and tablets from carry-on luggage.

In August 2019, then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson initially set a December 2022 deadline for most airports to roll out new scanners, but it was pushed back to June 1 this year.

The government is confident that the extension will be sufficient for all airports to complete the work.

The authorities did not provide details on the situation at each airport for security reasons, but said that by early June, half of passengers traveling from British airports are expected to be screened using the new scanners.

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However, passengers are advised to be prepared to follow the current rules and check with their airport for any changes.

London Heathrow Airport has already indicated that it hopes to place the new scanners in all security corridors this summer, while London Gatwick Airport hopes to complete the program by the end of March next year.

According to the chief executive of the Airport Operators Association, Karen Dee, airports are making “excellent progress in delivering these multi-million pound investment programmes, which will ensure the UK remains at the forefront of aviation safety in the years ahead”.

He added: “As with any program of this complexity, there are significant challenges and we are pleased that the government has recognized these challenges and agreed to extend delivery periods where necessary.”

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