The UK is facing a new strike of 20,000 railway workers

About 20,000 rail, marine and transport (RMT) union workers who work for train operators in England went on strike on Saturday. Protesting their working conditions and wages. In all, there are 14 UK rail companies affected by the train stoppage. Which will be repeated next Saturday, September 2nd.

According to the aforementioned trade union group, its members had “no choice but to adopt the measures.” Not receiving any improved or revised offers by the rail delivery group operated by the country’s rail company. This measure affected the tracks of passenger trains Headed to music festivals Reading and Leeds, as well as the Notting Hill Carnival in London, which takes place this weekend.

Mick Lynch, General Secretary of the RMT, regretted this The British government “is not serious about resolving this disputeWhich leads to more disruptions for passengers.” Various railway unions are also locked in a dispute over the plans closing ticket offices at train stations, It is a project that has also angered commuter groups and representatives of the elderly and people with disabilities.

“Our industrial campaign will continue as long as it takes to reach a negotiated agreement, providing as many ticket offices as possible,” he added. According to Lynch, RMT “remains committed to winning the pay raise, Securing future employment opportunities and maintaining good conditions exhaustion”.

For his part, said a spokesman for the railway group operating trains in the country, so they will work “hard” To keep as many services running as possible.

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