The UK is creating a new elite force that will operate around the world as part of its ‘most radical’ military reform in 20 years.


November 26, 2021, 07:04 GMT

The Regiment of Rangers will enter into force December 1 as part of the Army’s Special Operations Brigade.

British Ministry of Defense ad This Thursday the formation of a new elite force under the ‘Transformation Program’future soldier(Soldier of the Future), described by Army Chief Ralph Wooddis as “the most extreme in 20 years.”

About guard regiment (Regiment Rangers), which will begin carrying out missions from December 1 and will be part of the Army’s Special Operations Brigade. The unit is expected to deploy alongside allied forces around the world Confronting Extremist Organizations and the Threats of the Hostile State..

The “guards” will be more self-sufficient and will be able to work in smaller groups compared to the regular army. Sky News. As for their insignia, they will be recognized by the peregrine falcon insignia on the cap and gray hats. The falcon is chosen because this bird of prey is “fast, found all over the world and He is loyal to his partnerExplained in the description of the British Ministry of Defense programme.

Other repair features

In parallel, the launch of the “Soldier of the Future” program anticipates the creation of a “completely modern” combat division by 2030, which will strengthen the role of the British Army.central contributor in the fight against NATO.

On the other hand, The number of regular army soldiers will be reduced up to 73,000 Valid for the next four years. Despite the military’s decline, the government plans to pump 41.3 billion pounds ($54.929 million) into equipment over the next 10 years.

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“Our military will be active around the world, equipped with the capabilities to deal with it,” he added Countless threats, from electronic warfare Even conflict on the battlefield,” summed up Defense Secretary Ben Wallace.

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