The UK is already testing its future 8×8 Boxer armored vehicle from Rheinmetall

British programme Motorized infantry vehicles (My fifth) has crossed a major milestone in the planned procurement of more than 600 vehicles of this 8×8 armored vehicle. This month, official customer verification and validation tests began at the Millbrook proving ground in Birdford, central England, through which the design will be qualified According to the technical requirements of the program. In short, it is about demonstrating the capability and performance of the Boxer vehicle to the British Army.

These tests are performed on two prototypes of the driving variant of the model, and focus on the task systems that include C4I (English abbreviation for command, control, communications, computing and intelligence), electronic countermeasures, human-machine interface, electromagnetic compatibility and climatology. The trials are supported by companies Artek (Created in 1999 by German Krauss-Maffei Wegmann And Rheinmetall To develop the boxer) and KNDS (As a result of the merger of Krauss-Maffei Wegmann and the French the next).

Deliveries of the first vehicles are scheduled to begin this year. My fifth From serial production. These will also be driving models manufactured at Rheinmetall's factory in Kassel in central Germany, which are now in the final stages of manufacturing before being shipped to the UK.

he British Ministry of Defence In 2019, it placed an order for 523 Boxer vehicles, and later, in April 2022, it increased it by another hundred units. he boxer It is a highly protected 8×8 armored vehicle equipped with a modular architecture that allows, according to the manufacturer, “a greater number of variants than any other vehicle system.” Those ordered by the British Army are, specifically, four versions: infantry transport, command and control, field ambulance and specialist transport.

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Joint venture company formed by the local company BAE Systems land And the German company Rheinmetall, known as RBSL) It began manufacturing components for this platform in the first quarter of last year, of which the United Kingdom ordered half a thousand units in 2019 through a contract that it expanded by another hundred units last year.

Production in Australia

Production of over 600 vehicles was subcontracted equally between RBLS and RBLS WFEL, which in turn is a subsidiary of Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW). Developer ownership boxer Specifically, Artec is distributed with 64% to Rheinmetall and the remaining 36% to KMW.

The two companies responsible for the British order are responsible for the manufacture of armored vehicle bodies as well as the assembly, integration and testing of complete armored vehicles at their own facilities. The alliance includes additional capacity for onward orders and exports.

The Boxer was originally developed to supply the armies of Germany, which has so far acquired just over 400 units, and the Netherlands, with 200 units.

In 2016, Lithuania signed with Artec and the European entity Occar to purchase 88 8×8 Boxer armored vehicles, for 386 million euros, to replace its fleet of armored vehicles. M113. Two years later, Australia ordered 211 units for 5.2 billion Australian dollars (just over 3.2 billion euros), as part of the Land Forces Modernization Programme. Land 400, which involves its construction in the customer country “using Australian steel and creating up to 1,450 highly skilled jobs across the country,” as the Australian Prime Minister’s Office explained when announcing this contract. Two years ago, Slovenia announced its plans to purchase 45 aircraft boxer For 343 million, which finally became void with the entry of a new government. Subsequently, Australia agreed with Germany to produce one hundred boxer For the country that originally developed it.

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