The UK helped Uruguay more than Brazil and Argentina

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The UK helped Uruguay more than Brazil and Argentina

This was stated by Marcelo Mercant, President of the British Uruguayan Chamber of Commerce.

05.26.2022 16:01

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2022-05-26 T16: 01:00

For 970 Universal

After President Luis Lacalle Poe’s visit to London, the British Uruguayan Chamber of Commerce considered a new opportunity to do business because the UK had always been a traditional ally. In an interview on the show Meeting point Marcelo Mercant, president of the chamber, broadcast by 970 Universal, said government policy and diplomacy are in alignment to carry out business back and forth. “I believe that at this time we have to take care of the interests of our people, our businessmen and the entire Uruguayan people, and this measure opens the door to new opportunities to generate more jobs and more investment,” he said.

Mercant emphasized that Mercosur and the agreement with the European Union are not progressing, and therefore Uruguay “has the right and opportunity to seek other options for the benefit of its people.” “This opening to new markets like the UK should make us all happy, all political sectors, all society, because we are looking and knocking on the doors of countries whose development can help us so that we can develop a little more.”

He added that neighboring governments have never helped Uruguay much, both being good allies and within Mercosur: “I am optimistic that the good relationship is deepening and that it will continue. How can the neighbors take it? in a bad manner “. The President of the Chamber indicated that from now on the promotion of this administration must be supported so that it does not remain in one more visit.

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