The UK has deported more than 100 Nepalese who helped evacuate its embassy in Afghanistan

Madrid, April 26. (Press Europe) –

The report revealed that more than 100 Nepalis and a group of other Indians who “risked their lives” to protect and evacuate members of the British Embassy in Afghanistan before the Taliban takeover, returned to their countries against their will, the report revealed. “.

A few days after these people arrived in the UK on evacuation flights, in August 2021, despite having six-month visas, they were deported from the country.

When they were deported, they were still quarantined in their hotels due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and Nepal was listed as a country the British government had recommended against travel to.

Some have been able to return to the country as asylum seekers whose lives may be in danger in their home countries.

In March, at least ten Nepalese guards who took part in the Kabul evacuation and managed to stay in the UK were arrested in a raid. Two of them have been granted permission to remain on British soil, although they remain in detention.

Some of the evacuating Nepalese guards have been given indefinite leave on British soil, including two who were arrested in March and remain in detention.

When the arrests came to light, the UK Home Office announced a moratorium on deportations, explaining that the evacuees had been removed from Kabul as a “goodwill gesture” and expected to return to their countries of origin.

One of the deported guards revealed that they were deceived by the country’s border security and expelled “by force” and against their will without offering humanitarian protection.

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“In Afghanistan we were always in danger. We didn’t know if we were going to survive. When I arrived in the UK I felt safe but I was deported to Nepal on August 17,” said Dipal Pungamar, one of the guards.

“These brave men were evacuated from Afghanistan and subsequently prepared and processed their applications for permanent leave in the UK. They were never spoken of as a gesture of goodwill and there was no understanding that they could be deported, let alone detained after a morning raid on his hotel,” details his solicitor. Detainees, Jimmy Bell.

The UK Home Office has defended itself by claiming that it has “received” and “protected” some 24,500 people who have fled Afghanistan.

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