The UK guarantees that it will receive the necessary vaccinations for the second doses

This content was published on March 28, 2021 – 10:22

London, March 28 (EFE). – The British government confirmed this Sunday that it will have enough vaccines to administer more than 26 million second doses suspended to it, despite the reduced supplies it expects in the coming weeks.

“From the start, this was the most important consideration in designing our vaccination program. Not only will we keep our promises regarding the first dose, we will also make sure people get the second dose.” Culture Minister Oliver Dowden told Sky News.

The UK gave a first injection of AstraZeneca or Pfizer to around 30 million people, but the second dose, spanning twelve weeks, came to just 3.3 million.

The British Public Health System has warned that it expects a “significant drop” in the amount of vaccines available in the coming weeks.

Amid the controversy between the British government and the European Union (EU) over vaccine exports, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian warned this week that “the UK is proud to have vaccinated many people with the first dose, but they will get problems with the second,” according to British media.

The British Minister of Culture concluded in this regard, “We have always said that there will be ups and downs in the supply, but we will not make continuous comments on this subject,” indicating that it is expected to start providing it. In the UK in April the modern American vaccine.

England will take the first step tomorrow for a slow relaxation of the severe restrictions it imposed in early January to avoid contagion of the Coronavirus.

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Starting Monday, the rules for social gatherings abroad will be relaxed, although for the time being all non-essential establishments, including bars and hairdressers, remain closed, and national and international travel bans will remain for recreational reasons.

Epidemiologist Mark Woolhouse, a government adviser on measures against the epidemic, told the BBC that he was “a bit concerned about the total relaxation” of the measures that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government hopes to achieve at the end of June.

He said, “The idea that we can get out of this suddenly, at once, I think is overly optimistic,” and opened up the possibility of lifting restrictions again “if things get worse”, despite the fact that the executive emphasized that the de-escalation is “irreversible.” in this occasion. EFE

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