The UK dropped data on Afghans during its flight from Kabul

  • In his hasty departure from the embassy, ​​State Department employees forgot to destroy the hacked documents, according to ‘The Times’

staff External Office (British Foreign Office) in Acceptance It was left in facilities British Embassy in Afghanistan Bargaining documents using Personal data of Afghan collaborators According to the newspaper, the CVs of citizens of the country who applied to work in the commission, were received by the Taliban ‘times’.

those confidential documents The identity of seven Afghans was found by a journalist from the newspaper last Tuesday during regime fighters Taliban They patrolled the vicinity of the building.

As the newspaper pointed out in a exceptPhone calls made to the phone numbers contained in those papers revealed that some Afghan employees and their families remained trapped on the wrong side of the perimeter of the Kabul airport walls, days after their personal data was found, abandoned by British workers in a hurry. to leave the commission on the 15th.

Disabled security protocols

The newspaper indicates that he was surprised by the seizure of Kabul by the British Taliban regime, which works for the embassy They did not comply with the protocols that you think of destroy all information bargaining over its local Afghan staff. These documents include name and direction From a prominent member of the embassy staff in Kabul, other workers and their personal contact details, CVs and addresses of applicants for interpreter positions.

The Times made calls to some of the phone numbers listed in the abandoned documents and saw that some of the mentioned people had already been evacuated to the UK in recent days, but that others who worked at the embassy were left behind. They include three Afghan staff of the British Commission and eight relatives, including five children, who are stuck among the people who have not been able to reach the British sector installed at Kabul airport.

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The newspaper notes that after several exchanges with employees at the highest level of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs inside Hamid Karzai Airport, the rescue of these people can be coordinated. However, the fate of at least two British translators job seekers, whose personal data was disclosed at the UK Commission in Kabul, remains unknown.

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Last night, the Foreign Office noted that “during the departure of the British Embassy, ​​every effort was made to destroy sensitive material” and thanked The Times for sharing information to help it “rescue three families”.

The UK is already finalizing a file evacuation in Afghanistan and no more people will be summoned to Kabul airport to leave the country, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace confirmed this Friday.

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