The UK Department for Business and Trade has signed contracts with Altana to provide the UK Government with a dynamic and intelligent global supply chain map only

NEW YORK–( BUSINESS WIRE )–The UK Government Department of Business and Trade (DBT) has decided to expand its Global Supply Chain Information Program (GSCIP) with Altana, providing the UK Government with an unparalleled ability to generate policy information. . Ideas, as well as operational programs to support the UK’s national interests. Over the new multi-year contract, Altana’s AI platform will be used as the foundation for the GSCIP data model, combining HMG and private sector data with big data analytics to scale the intelligent global supply chain map and connect to a secure government cloud. . infrastructure.

Altana provides the UK Government with a dynamic and intelligent global supply chain map, the Altana Atlas. Using the Atlas, WFP member administrations can make recommendations and develop public policies based on the latest changes in the supply chain, allowing them to address issues before they disrupt national interests. Over the past two years, Altana has worked with GSCIP to pilot the programme, which saw a rapid increase in results early in the partnership. Initially, a supply chain investigation could take months from start to finish. But with Altana’s AI-powered platform, DBT has been able to significantly reduce the time it takes a department to launch a supply chain investigation and disseminate actionable findings from the data.

“The UK GSCIP is a visionary initiative to build supply chain resilience through a joint operating landscape between UK government agencies and the private sector,” said Ivan Smith, CEO and co-founder of Altana. “It is also an innovative use of Altana’s supply chain data and AI platform, with technical and non-technical users from across government working and building on our supply chain map. “We are proud to provide Her Majesty’s Government with the single source of truth for the global supply chain, unlocking economic security , procurement efficiency, and business flexibility for critical industries across the UK.”

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To obtain supply chain insights quickly enough and at the depth required for large-scale cross-government collaboration, DBT has partnered with Altana as part of its Global Supply Chain Intelligence Program. The ability to collaborate on a common global supply chain operating picture has enabled a consortium of seven UK government departments to use the Altana platform and its visualization tools to investigate the companies, products, trade routes and acute risks that permeate the global supply chain. GSCIP’s technical infrastructure includes the Altana secure digital environment platform and UK Government datasets, all of which are stored on the UK Government cloud infrastructure.

As a public entity, DBT handles large amounts of confidential and disparate data. GSCIP leverages Altana’s unique federated learning platform, Altana Atlas, which uses artificial intelligence and federated data architecture to learn from public and non-public data, which cannot be directly combined. This creates unprecedented visibility across the entire supply chain that was previously impossible due to data sovereignty, privacy and intellectual property protection. Now, sensitive UK government data can securely inform a supply chain map from which UK government departments can work to shape policies and support processes.

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The Altana Toolkit has greatly benefited GSCIP participants by reducing operational costs and providing rapid information in the Altana Atlas that can be verified and cited, and comes from a reproducible information repository to inform public policy, such as the latest information, Critical import and supply chain strategy.

Altana will continue to provide GSCIP with a common operational picture of the global supply chain, facilitating proactive supply chain resilience planning and decision making. The development of interactive national supply chain risk management will also enable the UK Government to identify vulnerabilities in national supply chains and trade networks of concern, and simplify faster routes towards creating alternative pathways to overcome these vulnerabilities.

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As DBT continues to see the benefits of Altana’s AI technology in GSCIP, it will expand Altana’s adoption by trialling more applications of the platform across the UK Government. This growing network will only expand the visibility and interoperability of the UK government, all with the intelligent and dynamic supply chain visibility that only Altana Atlas can provide.

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Altana’s AI is applied to billions of public and non-public data points to deliver the only dynamic intelligent map of the global supply chain: the Altana Atlas. Our AI platform provides governments, the largest logistics providers, and the largest global enterprises with unprecedented supply chain insights, visibility, and a common operating landscape for coordination and collaboration. Through the Atlas, users can understand the far-flung origins of products that extend far beyond their direct suppliers, discover deep business relationships in their networks, measure impacts on labor and the environment, identify relevant risks and opportunities, and collaborate to manage it all. Together with clients like Boston Scientific, Maersk, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection, we’re building a more resilient, secure, and sustainable global trade model. For more information visit


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