The UK bans keeping primates as pets if they do not meet standards 26 planets

Some standards must be met similar to zoos, where the needs of these wild animals must be met.

Primates and monkeys. Image: not available.

United Kingdom from next month It would be prohibited by law to have primates as pets In the places where Similar standards To that a ZooAs set by the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

They explained in a statement issued during the past hours that after amending some parts of the legislation, It won't be possible anymore Having monkeys as pets in homes where they cannot be present To meet needs who are they.

Primates and monkeys.  Image: not available.Primates as pets. Image: not available.

According to the estimated numbers, Up to 5000 primates They currently live in domestic environments as family pets in the United Kingdom.

In this sense, experts emphasize that in most cases they are the owners Unable to offer Proper care for these wild animals, which have social and welfare needs complicated.

Striped monkeys.  Photo: EFE

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Consequences of non-compliance with the law

For his part, Minister of State for Animal Welfare, Robert Peter Douglas Miller, explained that under the new law, “anyone who does not provide the same levels of care as those in a zoo He faces a fine and his boss may be taken away“.

Primates and monkeys.  Image: not available.Primates and monkeys. Image: not available.

“We are proud to have some Higher standards of animal care The politician added: “In the world, including these new restrictions, which will help eliminate the inappropriate conditions in which some of these curious creatures are kept.”

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