The UK ambassador was attacked while changing the wheel of her car in Playa Ancha – G5noticias

The Ambassador of the United Kingdom was seriously assaulted while traveling in her car through the municipality of Valparaíso, during the day yesterday, Tuesday 28 December.

The incident occurred at 1:30 pm, and was revealed after a call to the Carabineros Communication Center by Louise de Sousa, the British diplomatic representative in the country.

According to her account, the events occurred when she and her family, after stopping at the vantage point of Playa Ancha, on the coastal road, in Rota la Polfora, felt that the Toyota in which they were traveling was beginning to make noise in the rear, and stopped at the side of the road, behind a car. red, to check that their tire was punctured.

Then the passengers of the red car expressed their intent to help. Because help was not required, the ambassador’s wife asked them to leave, but after they finished changing the tire and getting back into the car, those affected noticed the wallet was gone, along with the species that was inside.

Police in uniform were informed of the case, detailing that among the stolen items were a mobile phone, credit cards and personal documents of the ambassador residing in the municipality of Las Condes.

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