The UK also wants the current UEFA Champions League Final and is asking UEFA to replace Istanbul

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United kingdom It runs as a potential host for the grand finale of Champions League. A decision that would be surprising given that Istanbul (Ataturk Olympic Stadium) It was set as the headquarters for a long time. However, from the British government, they advocated this change of organization as the match would be played by two Premier League teams. City y ChelseaAnd because of fear of the epidemiological situation in Turkey.

Petition, converted to UEFA It was officially disclosed by the English Minister of Transport. The proposal came after the English executive had included Turkey in its Red List of countries. Qualification awarded according to hygienic criteria that requires establishment Restrictive measures For both travelers to the Ottoman Empire and those returning from its lands. Therefore, the English fans who have come to watch the match in Istanbul should self-isolate upon their return to the UK.

Grant Shaps assured, during his recent appearance, that the final decision rests with UEFA. “I fear we have to include it Turkey is on the red list. This will have many consequences. First of all, it means that as far as the Champions League is concerned, the Fans should not travel to TurkeyThe transport minister admitted.

Manchester City players celebrating their move to the 2020/2021 UEFA Champions League Final


Of course, the UK already has a history of successful spectator soccer matches, so We are well positioned to do so. We are very open about that, but in the end it has to be taken by UEFA, despite taking into account that there were two English teams in that final. “We are waiting for what they will say,” Shabs told the media.

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It should be remembered that the Premier League presented its plan for the fans to return to the stadium weeks ago. from May 17th will allow up to 10,000 fans In the largest fields and 4000 in the smallest. The UEFA Champions League Final, scheduled for May 29, will be held after health checks in these matches from the local competition.

Plus, soon after that expected Eurocope. The selected tournament will be distributed throughout Europe, including Spain which will be represented with La Cartuja, which will have a difference in capacity depending on the region in which the matches are held. UK which It will host 11 matches Including the most important: the semifinals and finals at Wembley.

The United Kingdom, which has bid to fully develop the European Cup for fear of Covid-19, could also win the final of the most important club competition. A decision must be confirmed by UEFA, which has so far only announced 9,500 tickets to the Europa League Final in Cologne.

Good relationship with UEFA

The connection between the UK and UEFA has grown in recent days. Precisely since the outbreak Super League Europa, Initially made up of 12 clubs – five of them in English – and now only supported by three entities – Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus -. From the English government, clubs were threatened to take a step back and the FA began work to demolish the project. A goal they shared with Ceferin, the president of UEFA, and ended up achieving.

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