The UFC fighter suffered a terrifying break in one of the fastest knockouts of the year and left the appraiser on a stretcher

As part of a concert held at the VYSTAR Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville (Florida, USA), as the crowd returned to the stands at UFC 261, It was moments of tension and tension during one of the star matches in the evening.

The unfortunate protagonist of this night was American Chris Weidman Who suffered from goose bumps Fracture of the shin bone and fibula During the first seconds of a fight Uria Hall And it had to be removed on a stretcher.

The technical knockout caused by that terrible injury ended up taking place One of the fastest in the year, Before the mark he placed Conor McGregor In January hit Cowboy Donald Cerrone in 40 seconds.

Timing of Weidman’s injury (USA Today Sports)

The 36-year-old American came to the cage intent on imposing his style, against his fellow countryman who came with a series of three straight victories, one of them against Brazilian Anderson Silva. However, His show ended in just 17 seconds of the first round.

After referee Herb Dean started the match, Every American He approached his opponent and wanted to start hitting his opponent’s legs as part of his strategy, but his plan was to be cut short after Throw a low kick on Hall’s knee.

After doing this, and at the moment resting his right leg on the canvas again, the fighter could not continue. In the photos you can see the chilling moment Practically the tibia and fibula are divided into two partsLoss of stability and being caught between obvious painful gestures.

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Immediately, the judge stopped work and The peak Far from celebrating victory, he placed his hands on his head and avoided continuing to see his opponent hurt. There was silence as the medical staff entered the room to treat him.

Weidman left the appraiser on a stretcher, to applause from the crowd (AFP)
Weidman left the appraiser on a stretcher, to applause from the crowd (AFP)

slowly The American was put on a stretcher and left the octagon. Before doing so, he wanted to calm the audience in attendance at VYSTAR Veterans Memorial Arena and as he withdrew he raised his hand to add calm. The spectators responded with With a great ovation.

Although not common, This is not the first time that this type of leg injury has occurred. Without going any further, many MMA followers remembered the similar episode he suffered Spider Silva in December 2013, specifically against Weidman. That evening at UFC 168, the Brazilian kicked Chris’ leg and it ended up the same way.

A similar fracture suffered by Anderson Silva against Weidman in 2013

“My deepest and most sincere feelings. Have faith, I wish you a speedy recovery. At this moment I wish you and your family light, love and knowledge. For sports enthusiasts, pHold this moment from this amazing warrior And we hope you get a 100% recovery soon. “God bless you and your family,” wrote Anderson Silva on his Instagram account.

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