The UATx Foundation and the College of Administrative Economics train shopkeepers

Within the framework of institutional linkage and social responsibility Founding of the Autonomous University of Tlaxcala AC and the School of Administrative Economics are implementing for the second year in a row the “Training Program for Tender @ s”, which is led by the Coca-Cola Foundations and for Economic and Social Development in Latin America (FUNDES)With the aim of promoting the social, economic and digital development of the entity’s shopkeepers, in order to enhance their activity and thus have the possibility of obtaining greater profits.

As operational allies, in this totality of commandments, 15 students of educational programs of economic management sciences who, based on their knowledge and experience, will provide an added value to the training carried out through a free virtual program, available 24 hours a day Upon completion, you may receive a certificate.

during a business meeting mr Alejandro Pilar Molina PadilloPresident of the UAT Foundation and teacher Esmeralda Pérez Villaseñor, on behalf of teacher Mario Franz Zubieta Zecua, Director of the Faculty, noted that the benefits of this activity are the link that brings students together with the service sector at the level of micro-enterprises in an entity, for which they will, without any doubt, receive The social and academic recognition that the Autonomous University of Tlaxcala has developed throughout its institutional life, thus determining the impact of the abilities of university students in the various sectors of society in general.

It should be noted that the students, in their role as advisors, are trained and equipped to run this program, which will be valid until November, and will implement actions that will contribute to achieving the goals of sustainable development.

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