The UASLP Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi Authorities are awarding scholarships for the Dual Degree Program

The Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi, through its President Alejandro Zerminio Guerra, has awarded scholarships to three of its academically outstanding students so that they can pursue a second career at City University of Seattle, USA.

Students receiving scholarships from the Dual Degree Program are: Mauricio Ramirez Ordaz, Bachelor of Commerce and International Business in the School of Economics; Felix Antonio Rodriguez Rosales, from the Chemical Engineering Profession in the School of Chemical Sciences; and Bernardo Lomelli Gasso from the Faculty of Science in the Physical Engineering profession.

The scholarships were delivered at the facilities of the Faculty of Engineering and attended by the Rector Dr. Alejandro Zerminio Guerra, as well as the Directors of the Engineering Faculties Dr. Emilio Jorge Gonzalez Galvan, from Chemical Sciences, Dr. Alma Gabriela Palestino Escobedo, and Dr. Isabel Vélez Davila from the Department of Economics, among other university bodies.

In his letter to Academic Excellence students and parents, Dr. Alejandro Javier Zerminio Guerra noted that this opportunity to attend a university of great importance changes the world for them, considering that it is important to learn about other forms of study, education and conditions. Where students from other countries live.

He added that young people learn from the moment they are outside their city, but most importantly they acquire the knowledge that allows them to obtain this double degree, in addition to realizing that the educational conditions in other institutions are not great. Different from what UASLP offers.

The Director of the College of Engineering, Dr. Emilio Jorge Gonzalez, Director of the College of Engineering, noted that this agreement between UASLP and Seattle City University, was established eleven years ago and started in the College of Engineering, and currently, it confers bachelor’s degrees in Management, Business Administration, Applied Computing and Applied Psychology.

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This has allowed more than 130 students to obtain this dual degree with this university. And more than a hundred students are currently distributed in ten faculties of the university.

“We have invited five colleges to join this dual degree program and have access to these benefits, and in doing so we try to fulfill the social obligation with students and their families to provide the best training, and to provide the opportunity to graduate people who are capable of performing in a global environment.”

Students who wish to access the benefits of a dual degree program must meet the following requirements: academic excellence at UASLP, a high level of English, and low financial resources. Students from the Faculties of Engineering, Chemical Sciences, Science, Habitat, Accounting, and Economics are participating in this call.

It is worth noting that young people interested in participating must submit their documents and a committee of representatives from each of the colleges deliberates on who can benefit from the scholarships.

Every two years the Foundation extends the scholarship application for the dual degree program.

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