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google maps, It was, and even now, it is A navigation application The most used in the world, if not the most user. It continues to evolve to improve expertise Of its users that is Two new features have been introduced recently This promise to make life more easy to Driversespecially these ones Those who use electric vehicles.

The first of these mission Designed specifically for Users to Electric car. now, inside the appIt is possible to find stations critical Close by activating the filter under the bar Main search. To access this option, it is necessary to previously configure the vehicle as electrical In the “Your car” section in settings. Google Maps. This improvement makes planning easier Ways for those who rely on electric carsBecause it improves travel time by ensuring that drivers are able to do so You can easily find available charging points.

next to, Google Improvements implemented Powered by artificial intelligence That makes it easier Locate and access these charging stations. This is particularly useful in urban areas where the availability of charging points may be limited and where vehicles are in demand Electric is on the rise.

The second added function has To do a road visualization In the application. Previously, when searching via Google MapsOnly a pin was displayed on the map, without being indicated It clearly has a beginning and an end. Now, with the new update, the app displays the entire length of the route, from the point you are at Start to end point. This provides an improvement Users have a clearer and more complete view of the roadwhich may help you plan more trips Effective and accurate.

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Another improvement prominent What is being tested is The function that indicates which door you should exit through after Reach your destination. This feature uses a green arrow to indicate entry and exit doors when finished. Zoom in about him Destination. By choosing one of these Arrows greenUsers can get Input preview And access more Information Appropriate, such as photos and additional details about where they arrived. this Characteristic It can be especially useful In large and complex places e.g Airports, train stations or shopping malls.

to merge Specific functions For vehicles electricity to reply to increase Requests And adoption to This type of transportation is more sustainable. Facilitating access to charging points contributes to providing convenience for drivers and promoting a greener and more responsible lifestyle.

On the other side, Improve road perception It offers a more intuitive and detailed experience, which benefits any user Who uses Google Maps To plan routes and trips. Possibility To see clearly The complete journey of A The path from beginning to end It can help avoid Confusion and navigation errors,Thus improving efficiency and accuracy Displacement.

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