The truth about Queen Letizia? The celebrity who will ask Netflix

Georgina Rodriguez is very happy with the results of her reality show ‘Soy Georgina’, which premiered on Netflix a month ago and has been in the top ten ever since. Additionally, Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend has managed to keep herself in the spotlight as a good influencer. But the model always wants more, and now she has admitted in an interview that she will ask the broadcasting platform to produce a reality show for Queen Letizia.

The former model and dancer argues that “people naturally feel acquainted with each other when they see themselves on screen. I would, for example, see a reality show of Queen Letizia!”, he noted in an interview with” Forbes “. According to Georgina Rodríguez, presenting a personal story in the media, especially in a Netflix production, allows audiences to have a sense of identity. “I am very aware of the influence that networks have and that is why I always try to act with positive values ​​and respect for others. I am not afraid of responsibility. Obviously some may like me more or less, but I always act from the bottom and from the heart,” the influencer said.

Georgina Rodriguez / Twitter

The Queen of Spain and the girlfriend of the Portuguese soccer star are part of the personalities who influence fashion with what they wear. Georgina Rodríguez has nearly 40 million followers on Instagram and all of her outfits go viral. Each of her sports is looking for brands that represent their image, and her appearances on the red carpet has become a trend. For her part, Queen Letizia is well aware of the message she’s sending with her wardrobe, whether it’s polished “working girl” style or contemporary royal elegance. For example, when Elizabeth of England awarded the Order of the Lace to Felipe VI, Donna Letizia chose a Sevillian Cherubina dress and headpiece. UK searches for this company on Google are up 108% compared to last week.

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Queen Letizia recently attended the opening of the International Exhibition of Contemporary Art (ARCO), which this year celebrates its 40th anniversary and will run until Sunday 27 February.. It’s a scenario where the king always loses style. For the occasion, he wore a dark blue jacket suit, by Ines Martin Alcaldi, which, although very classic, looked very modern. In addition, the striped cut is especially interesting to style the figure because it balances the line of the shoulders and the line of the hips.

Felipe and Letizia GTRES bus

Felipe and Letizia / The Agency

Queen Letizia knows how to flaunt any suit or dress with elegance and style, just as Georgina Rodriguez turns her outfits into a trend. That’s why the influencer dreams of watching a series about the Spanish queen, where she probably tells the details of her clothes and the change her life made when she met King Philip IV, something similar to what happened to model Jaca when she met Cristiano Ronaldo.

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